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cloud4WISP: A low-cost business and network management service for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP's) that is simple to install and use

What is cloud4WISP?

cloud4WISP is a cloud system for WISPs that automates the management of the business and the management of the network. cloud4WISP is a computer system that has two parts, the Cloud and the access control gateway. The cloud4WIAP cloud account provides all the management features and the WISP pays a subscription to maintain an account with cloud4WISP. An access control gateway installed in the network between the subscribers and the wholesale data circuit. The access control gateway receives instructions from cloud4WISP to control the Internet access and apply the rate plan chosen by each subscriber. The administrator and staff use the cloud4WISP Cloud to add subscribers, bill subscribers and to manage the network. The Cloud account can manage many gateways that are installed at different locations and can manage an ulimited number of subscribers. The features page describes all the benefits for the WISP owner.

cloud4WISP costs only 5% to 10% of the cost of cloud WISP management systems because it is built using an advanced distributed processing technology. Older technology WISP management cloud systems program a router for access control and the cloud communicates constantly for each transaction. This cost saving is passed on to the customer in the form of a very low monthly subscription charge.

What is cloud4WISP

How the cloud4WISP gateway and Cloud management system works

The cloud4WISP Cloud provides the billing, subscriber management and network supervision functionality required by a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) business.

The cloud4WISP Cloud communicates with the cloud4WISP access controller that is installed in the network between the subscribers and the wholesale Internet circuit to manage the flow of subscriber data traffic. An cloud4WISP Cloud account can manage multiple cloud4WISP access controllers concurrently for WISP’s that have more than one network operations center (NOC), or else want to install access control at each PtMP tower. There is no limit to the number of subscribers that can be managed by a free cloud4WISP Cloud account.

WISP’s will be surprised to learn that there is no monthly charge to use the cloud4WISP Cloud as the service is included with the purchase of each cloud4WISP access controller.

The diagram illustrates how the staff roles interface with the cloud4WISP Cloud functions, and how the Cloud communicates with the cloud4WISP access control gateway.

0A. Overview of the cloud4WISP gateway and Cloud management system
  • The WISP management system provides a secure login for five different roles in the company and the business responsibilities are divided between staff.
  • Initially the manager adds the billing rate plans. Each new customer chooses a rate plan, cost vs. maximum data speed.
  • The sales staff adds a new subscriber to the system and initiates the provisioning process. The subscriber information is added to the billing database and an installation work order is created and sent to the technician.
  • The technician installs the subscribers wireless equipment and configures the authentication then activates the subscriber. The subscribers billing cycle is initiated upon activation.
  • Financial staff issue monthly subscriber invoices as indicated by the billing cycle and post notifications of payment receipts. The billing system will deactivate the subscriber if the payment is not received by the due date.
  • Each subscriber has access to the CRM Portal to check the account and open a support ticket. Support staff answer the subscribers using the helpdesk.
  • Each cloud4WISP access controller is monitored and an alert advises the administrator of a failure.
  • The manager can obtain reports to monitor the operation of the business.
  • A Mobile broadband service can be implemented using the voucher access code service for mobile broadband Hotspot sales.
  • The cloud4WISP Cloud system does not include bookkeeping and payroll, these functions must be implemented with other software such as Quickbooks.

You provide the gateway: the free cloud4WISP access control software is installed on any Intel x.86 compatible PC

The only criteria for the access control computer is that it must have an Intel compatible CPU, 32 or 64 bits and it must have two Ethernet ports of 1Gb/s, one for the LAN and one for the WAN. Any type of x.86 computer can be used for the access control. The WISP can use an old computer because even a slower processor can handle the traffic for a few hundred subscribers.

Gateway equipment photo 3

The WISP can purchase a high performance ex-data center server for less then $200 which will be sufficient to manage several thousand subscribers.

Gateway equipment photo 2

The wisp can purchase a new industrial computer for under $300 that is robust and can be installed at a tower site to connect directly to an Internet wholesale service at the tower.

Gateway equipment photo 1

cloud4WISP has no limit to the number of PC computer gateways that can be added to the cloud4WISP account, there is no charge for the gateway. This means that the WISP can have any type of network design. For example, the WISP can install a Starlink antenna at each wireless tower to provide access for the subscribers.

Start your WISP business with the cloud4WISP system

Install your first point-to-multipoint (PtMP) wireless access point on a tall building or a tower that has easy access to an Internet connection. It is important that prospective customers have line of sight access to the PtMP wireless antenna.

Install your PtMP antenna on a tall building.

tall building installation

Or install your PtMP antenna on a tower.

tower installation

Connecting the equipment is simple

Connect the point-to-multipoint (PtMP) wireless access point to the cloud4WISP access control computer LAN port and then connect the access control computer WAN port to your Internet circuit. Begin providing a service to customers by installing a client premise equipment (CPE) wireless at the customers premises to connect with your PtMP antenna.

Connecting the equipment is simple

Grow your WISP business with the cloud4WISP system

Add more PtMP antennas. Get a fast Internet circuit installed at your Network Operations Center (NOC) and connect the towers back to the NOC with point-to-point (PtP) wireless antennas.

Grow your WISP business

cloud4WISP has the flexibility for any type of network design

If you don’t have access to a landline Internet circuit cloud4WISP will connect to a satellite antenna so that you can sell the Internet service to your customers. Get a geo-stationary satellite antenna (eg. HughesNet) or a low earth orbit satellite antenna (eg. Starlink).

cloud4WISP has the flexibility

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cloud4WISP has a very special FREE offer for anyone who wants to start a WISP business, or has a WISP and wants to grow the business. This book explains how to start and manage a successful business. The contents summary is listed below. Go to the support page and request your eBook.

  • Chapter 1. The business of selling Internet access.
  • Chapter 2. Network technology for start-up WISP's.
  • Chapter 3. Fixed and mobile broadband access control.
  • Chapter 4. WISP network design.
  • Chapter 5. WISP management functionality and systems.
  • Chapter 6. Planning a WISP business start-up.
  • Chapter 7. Additional and third party services.
  • Chapter 8. Transition to a LEO satellite backhaul.
  • Chapter 9. A WISP start-up project.
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