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cloud4WISP is a paradigm shift for the WISP industry; it has all the advantages of a cloud service, simple installation and simple to use with excellent performance, yet the subscription fees are one tenth or one twentieth of the cost of similar cloud WISP management systems. The operating cost reduction os the cloud service was possible with the development of the cloud4WISP distributed processing technology. Other Cloud WISP management system provide scripts for popular routers, MIkrotik or Cisco, for access control and that router is configured manually or in constant communication with the cloud. The cloud is doing both transactional and batch processing

The cloud4WISP technology is a departure from the popular approach. The WISP installs the cloud4WISP access control software on an x.86 PC computer of any type. The only criteria is that the computer has two Ethernet ports, one for the WAN and one for the LAN. There is no charge for the cloud4WISP access control software. Then the cloud4WISP access control software is initialized it downloads all customer records from the cloud4WISP server that have been assigned to that access controller when the customer record was created. From that point on the cloud4WISP access control software manages the customer network access control and applies each customers rate plan. The cloud4WISP access control software send frequent updates to the cloud4WISP server so thatg the WISP manager can view the status of the system. When the WISP adds a new customer for that access controller the cloud4WISP access control software receives an update from the cloud4WISP server. Each customer record hold the name of the access controller that will service the customer. The cloud4WISP account can have an unlimited number of access controllers assigned to the account so the WISP can install an access controller in each tower if required. There is no anagement of the cloud4WISP access control software, the WISP has to enter the customer record with the information requested and the cloud then programs each access controller. The PC used for the access controller can be new or a recycled unit. Even an old PC with a 32 bit processor will provide a permance that is much better then a router that is scri[ted for access control. The WISP can take advantage of the used market for data center computers that are available for less then $200. An ex-data center 2x6-core Xeon configureation with 10Gb ports can handle thousands of subscribers. The WISP can brand the subscriber CRM portal provided by cloud4WISP.

Cost of the cloud4WISP subscription

The subscription cost for cloud4WISP is priced in bands, determined by the number of subscribers that the WISP wants to add to the system.

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